Nowadays canvas strap is very popular amongst wristwatch enthusiasts. People are always searching for something new and this variety of canvas straps has added color to the watch game. With canvas you can play with color mixing, textures, more fresh look, and also more water friendly.
A few years ago Richard Mille was the one who pioneered the use of canvas with a velcro closure system. At that time not many ppl understood and realized the use of velcro.
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Year by year this style became more popular, and not only applied to Richard Mille, many other watch brands also started to use a velcro system on their strap.
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Velcro used to be more military, functional purpose rather than luxury or aesthetic, but right now you can see so many people using canvas with velcro as part of their fashion, talking about wristwatch industry.
When we talk about watch straps, often associated with an aftermarket strap which also floods us with so many options and style to choose with, as they are very creative and it’s fun to see so many new ideas coming out from them. Some that we can find on google like which has cool canvas with an arabic writing on it, he also has some color choices and sizes, customizable to watch & wrist size. 
Source: which offers unique camo patterns and many other fancy patterns on the material, they have materials with textile looks too.
Source: which offers customizable canvas with velcro, which you can mix n match the color and material.
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Most of his canvas material, said, comes from Japan, that’s why he often mentions it as Japanese Canvas. Still fresh in our memory, how Tokyo did successful Olympic games in this pandemic, salute to them, it was a greatest event during this Covid moment.
Velcro system is a must try, its very popular these days, it’s a new experience that all wristwatch enthusiasts need to try. The light feeling, because the absence of buckles, is very interesting. Now not only Richard Mille uses velcro system, those makers provide custom made for other brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko, and many more. It’s very interesting to follow the fashion trends in the watch world, and always can’t wait to see what’s next.
Photo by Gunny Straps

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