Making It Possible, Mission Possible.

Making It Possible, Mission Possible.

How it started.

Bringing back to 10-20 years ago, where vintage strap (some called ammo straps) was a hot trend but also a problem. people would hunt for a authentic decade years old strap. The problem was that a very old strap would be unsatisfying in some aspects besides the beautiful vintage of the strap. We don’t know where it has been, it might carry fungus, bacteria, it is dirty, so could bring some kind of skin disease, but it is indeed beautiful.

Until in 2009, A gentleman gave us an incomplete, 6 decade old, strap he got from auction, where it is missing it’s 12 o’clock side, and requested that we try to recreate the other side for his Panerai. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, with plenty of trials and errors until We perfectly nailed, to create an artificial vintage strap from a fresh brand new leather, matching the 6 o’clock side from our customer. This has been the answer to peoples problem, where a beautiful vintage strap are now enjoyable in all aspects as well. This strap was thought to be impossible, which inspires the name… The Mission Impossible series.

The original 6 o’clock side The 12 o’clock side we created

What’s with this.

You see, The mission impossible series was invented 12-13 years ago, and it was design to fit Panerai and other big watches , it is even a year older than the first iPhone 4. Now what are the problem with iPhone 4? It is old, it doesn’t fit in today’s trend and it doesn’t function as much. The same problem was experienced with a lot of our loyal customers, by a lot, We mean tons and TONS of suggestion was given to us, to do something with their beloved, legendary series.


This is the original thick MI1 strap, fitted with a breitling navitimer. From the top, it indeed looks beautiful. The problem that it is Thick with structure that for a lot of people, fits far better on bigger watches, and it is not that comfortable and easy to wear either.


Wore and from the side, visible thickness

We are a customer-first brand, We try our best to serve you, to make you fall in love more with the watches you love, and We will deliver our promise indeed. The old Mission Impossible 1 was Impossible to fit nowadays trending dressier watches, technically it is possible, but the thickness, the open-loop, the three-fold leather, it just don’t fit dress watches, doesn’t it? Well, we will once again make it possible. The Mission is to make it Possible, to Possibly match. 

Mission… Possible?

Revolutionary!!! Decades of waiting, are now to be solved, Mission Impossible will be possible.
Here are the list of changes done to the “Mission possible”

  • Thinner, to fit your specific watch style.
  • Closed-Loop structure, more comfortable.
  • 2-fold structure for both sides, grants more comfort, compared to 2fold – 3fold style.
  • Smaller Keeper Width.
  • More holes with narrower spacing, Better adjustments.

It is now possible to feel the art and passion of the authentic vintage finishing technique applied on a redesigned structure to fit your wrist better.

Here is a picture of the Mission Possible strap:

More possibles are being design and construct, stay tune for further surprises. 



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