Best Leather Straps for Panerai

Best Leather Straps for Panerai

Panerai and Leather straps are everyone’s favorite combo, since the Paneristi era (Panerai enthusiasts). Gunny Straps has been putting smiles on Panerai owners with our hand-crafted Custom Leather Straps for Panerai since 2008

Based on our recommendation and selling data, here are the 3 best leather straps for Panerai.


Mission Impossible 1

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 Inspired by a 6-decade-old leather strap, the Legendary Mission Impossible 1 is the first series in the MI collections designed in 2009

The MI1 is specially designed to feel even more hardcore for bigger watches like the Panerai.

Despite being considerably thick, Gunny straps are known for our softness and it is very comfortable to wear due to our choice of quality leather and production method.


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Inspired by the mysterious 74 straps in the Panerai museum, Gunny straps remakes it to have the same vintage look but with a new and clean feeling. Elegant vintage, raw-cut edges, no distressing, with the mysterious “74” still with our signature complex color hue.

“Many try and replicate this iconic look but only one has perfected it and that is Gunny Straps.” -Panerai Central’s blog


Canvas Verte

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The first ever Canvas straps that we made. You can feel the brutality when touching the Canvas Verte, All steps are hand-crafted. It is greenish in color and meant to be mysteriously vintage. Perfect to make your Panerai cooler and more hardcore

Although this could be said as the top 3 favorite straps for Panerai, we still have hundreds of choices to choose from that fit perfectly as a Panerai strap.


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