History of the 74 strap

History of the 74 strap

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Where did “74” come from?

Gunny Straps has been creating thousands of the 74 strap series since 2008. Despite becoming our bestseller, some of our new customers don’t know where “74” came from. Interested to know and learn more about the history of 74? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right blog.

The 2 photos you’re seeing are the original “74” which is possibly written on the aged leather strap attached to a Panerai 6152/1 with an Angelus movement and It is last known to be displayed at the Panerai museum.

This viewing brings sensation to the Panerai industry in the past, until it showed up in one of Panerai’s official magazine.

This makes Paneristis (Panerai fan club) questioning, “What’s the reason and story behind that 74 on the straps?”

Until now, there are several beliefs on what does the “74” means, and where it came from. The most common shared belief among enthusiasts is that the writing “74” is a number that was given to one of the operation Black Seals that uses the Panerai during an underwater SLC mission. Another side of the story suggests that the “74” doesn’t really tell a historic story or such, as it is just a number used by the Panerai Museum in Florence to mark a number on the watch’s straps. This is quite odd though, because who would mark a number on such a history piece? This makes the first belief to be accepted as a fact until this time.

Gunnystraps’ version of the “74”

Panerai’s “74” used to be a hot and trending topic among Paneristis. It inspires Gunny to create their own version of “74” while trying to be as close as possible to the one displayed in the Panerai’s museum. 

This is our version of the 74 series, which (unbiasedly) we say that it’s more than just a vintage leather strap. Plenty of blogs wrote about the 74 and Gunny version of the 74 series in the past. 

Many try and replicate this iconic look but only one has perfected it and that is Gunny Straps.Panerai Central

Until this day, we are still producing the “74” series, with the same technique and process as how we used to, almost 15 years ago, and it has been one of our bestsellers until now.

74 Martin - Gunny Straps

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