Mission Impossible Story

Mission Impossible Story

Mission Impossible 1

Originally writen in 2009

I just had a mission impossible project, where one buyer sent me 1 piece (long piece) of original very old Panerai strap and asked me to make the other piece (short piece) coz he only have the long piece, uncomplete. He asked me to make the color n texture as close as possible so no one will notice that the short piece is a repro.

Here’s the pic of the long piece:

I tried to find on net about this strap and found this:

Honestly I don’t really know about history of this strap, its just based on what ppl told me. It looks resemble with the one that he sent me n asked me to make. One source told me that this strap comes from 70’s era.

And, after 1 month trial and error, finally… here’s the result (see short piece):

Making this is really a stressful moment coz i have to make it as close as possible with the original, to imitate the aging process, etc.

First I don’t want to put this serie for sale, its only my personal achievement for my personal satisfaction to prove my skill, but some guy asked me to order this straps and finally I agree, but I have to put very high price to compensate my stress for making it and also to limit the order.

Here’s the pic of complete pair:

mounted on 127 (pic was given by buyer):

Mission Impossible 2

Hi there, and here is Mission Impossible 2, it is a bit easier than the first one. Here’s the original strap that my buyer sent me:

and this is side view…

Same with MI1 story, the guy asked me to make its short piece to accompany the lonely long piece. After trial and error finally I can make the short piece, and here’s the result…

…and now, I officially put it available for sale…

and here’s pic mounted to 127 (given by buyer):

now… who want to be the next Mission Impossible projects? just send me your original vintage strap and I will replicate it for you and make it mass.

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