Mission… Possible?

In the start of 2022, Gunnystraps launched a restructured version of the Mission Impossible strap. From making a matching pair for a customer’s 6 decade old strap (you could read it here), to serve as a solution to help customers who wants a vintage watch strap that could match modern dress watches. So We decided to make the Mission Possible series, and started with MP 1.

Ever Since launching the Mission Possible series, We received tons of positive feedbacks from customers, saying that they could finally fit their favourite strap design on their new style of watches, while others requested for the rest of the Mission Impossible series to be recreated. As a response, We introduce everyone to the Mission Possible Black. 

Mission Possible in Black

The Mission Possible Black was introduced in Febuary as the second Mission Impossible to be recreated. The Mission Possible 1 was an option for the original vintage lovers, while the Mission Possible Black was for a wider range of watch enthusiasts to feel our vintage in a less eye-catching color. But what about the rest of the Mission Impossible series? We currently provide 8 series for Mission Impossible and has only recreate 2 of them (for now).


The Upcoming Promise of satisfaction

Remember our tagline “Art on your wrist”? We surely will give you an art on you wrist with the new Mission Possible series. If the Mission Possible black was a less eye-catching option, this Mission Possible is guaranteed to express your love for art, vintage, and watches while still feeling the comfort of Gunny’s quality straps hugging your wrist.


Introducing the restructured version of your favorite Mission Impossible 5, The Mission Possible Blue comes with our signature colorful blue color which is meant to be a brighter option to match your modern dress watches, while still having the signature Gunny’s vintage on your wrist. It truly is AN ART ON YOUR WRIST.

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