An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Watch Straps: An Expert’s Perspective

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Watch Straps: An Expert’s Perspective

Hey, it’s not only you. Almost everybody are confused when trying to choose the best watch straps for them. When it comes to enhancing the style and comfort of your watch, choosing the right straps is a must.

We understand that it feels like there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. So now you’re going to read through on how to choose the right one for you, and how Gunny straps 15 years experience in strap making will guide you.

3 checklists towards your best watch straps

1. Understand your type of straps design

Before you start searching for your ideal straps, you must first know what kind of straps you’re looking for. If you haven’t know what you’re looking for, you can quickly check this checklists:

– Casual or Formal ?
Are you looking to wear your watch mostly on formal or casual occasion? 

Flight Eagle Parakeet

– Bright or Dark color ?
Do you prefer your straps to be more eye-catching or a little dimmer

extreme chessboard black red stripe rolex daytona

– What Material ? 
Most common Material are: Calf leather, Exotic leather (Crocodile, Alligator, lizard, etc), and canvas / kevlar. Which do you prefer?

AP Japan Canvas Blau 01 - Gunny Straps Official

If you have identify the main types / styles of straps, you can keep in mind your preference, while searching for the ideal straps for you. For example if you choose Casual, Dark color, Calf leather now you know what are you going to look for.

We understand that it’s not as easy as it’s told to choose your straps, which is why you can contact us for free and discuss about the perfect fit for you. 
Once this checklist is checked, you can move on to the next step.

2. Finding the perfect sizing that fits you best.

Congratulations, you’ve identify the models that you want!. Next step is to make it yours truly by knowing the right size. 

In Gunny straps, commonly there are 2 easiest methods to measure your straps, click here for tutorial: Measure your desired strap length 

Although crucial, some watch strap makers doesn’t allow you to customize your exact size, as it is pre-made (ready stocks). Fortunately, our watch straps is fully customizable, and it is made by requests. Our pre-order time could be said as on of the fastest compared to any other who offers the same service. But for you who don’t want the wait, we do have ready stocks!

3. Knowing who makes your straps

Knowing the reputation and specialty of straps brands also plays an important role in making sure you get what you expected. But since Gunnystraps aren’t experts on stalking how other brands create their watch straps, We will tell you how we can give you what you deserve.

  1. Gunny straps have been handcrafting watch straps since 2008. We have 15 years experience creating straps that lasts, and well known by watch fans.
    Gunnystraps and Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Live measuring in Melbourne, Australia.Gift to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Live handcraft in Nagoya, Japan.
  2. If you prefer your straps to be soft and comfortable, we are known for it.

    “The strap is very soft and for sure doesn’t need any break-in period.” –
    “Another very soft and extremely comfortable strap. I love it!!!” – RWG watch forum
    “The strap itself is very soft and malleable as soon as you get it” – Panerai Central

  3. We are known to turn any of your custom ideas into straps, even as crazy as this
    haloween 04 - Gunny Straps Official haloween 05 - Gunny Straps Official

    That’s basically it. 

    It’s actually quite simple to choose the right watch straps for you if you already know what you’re trying to look for.

    76% of our web visitors doesn’t know what are they looking for, which is why we offer a free discussion service so you can discuss with us via Whatsapp, and we will give expert recommendations based on our 15 years experience in helping watch enthusiasts like you to choose the right watch straps

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