Pros and Cons of Leather Straps

Pros and Cons of Leather Straps

Gunny Straps has created handcrafted custom leather straps since 2008 and has created thousands of straps ever since. This Pros and Cons do not come from our opinion but from thousands of inputs from customers.

*Some pros and cons might only be for straps created by Gunny straps.

Here are simple and short pros and cons:


1. Comfortable: According to plenty of happy customers, leather straps are a choice for those looking for a malleable and lightweight strap to hold the watch on their wrist. Compared to bracelets, leather straps are lighter in weight and easily adjustable when needed, and compared to rubber straps, a lot of people say that “leather straps wrap the wrist better

2. More designs: Due to (our) leather straps being handcrafted from scratch, designs are literally infinite, just a different tone of color on a different type of leather already makes it unique. Customers love leather straps because they can ask for their unique design.

3. Tailor-made: Since aftermarket leather straps are usually handcrafted, some of them usually offer customizations. Because of this customization, customers prefer leather straps as it is fitted and measured perfectly for the user. Which is quite rare for other types of straps.

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4. Gets nicer and better over time: Not rare that customers love the feeling of their worn leather straps. They said that it looks more naturally vintaged and it wraps around the wrist better as it’s “molded” to our wrist.



1. Shorten lifespan: Leather straps are made from leather, which is a natural material, and like any natural material, it is more breakable compared to metal, or in this case, bracelets.

2. Can develop bad odor: Also, since it is natural leather, it absorbs sweat and any other liquids, and if the strap is worn daily consecutively for a long time, it might grow bacteria which will develop bad odor.

How to overcome the cons?

The solutions for both of the cons are actually the same, which is:

  1. Use leather straps alternatively: We recommend having more than 2 or 3 leather straps, so you can switch it up every 1.5-2.5 months to prevent breaking and odor. 
  2. Clean and moisturize the backside: Use both leather cleaner and mosturizer (there are 2 in 1 nowadays) and use a cloth to apply it on the backside of your straps. The frequency depends on how often you use the straps (normally once every 2 months, but if it’s Gunny Straps, once in 4-5 months).

That’s it!



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