Fast Response Guaranteed

Fast Response Guaranteed

I will always response your contact in less than 24hours.

Contact us at
Email: or
Whatsapp to: +62811349381 for fast response.

Also can use contact form here

Why 24 hours, because we might have different time zone, so morning for you might means night for me.

My name is Peter Gunny, some called me Peter Gani, founder and factory of Gunny Strap, and we are please to help you regarding your strap needs. We do 100% handmade watch straps, hand made on every single process, without any help from industrial machinery, all hand finished to perfection. Since it’s all by hand, so you can ask for any customization you like, custom sizes, custom thickness, custom colors, personalization, even your craziest idea that’s never been exist before, discuss it with me, and I will help you make it come alive.

So, what are you waiting for, contact me to discuss your strap needs.

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